Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

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Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby Glitter Pussy » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:14 pm

Looking to possibly put in a sound system inside of Hardly Saloon whiskey bar this year. Our large outdoor amplified sound system is not available this year.

Need the ability for guests to play their own music via Bluetooth. Power and volume would be controlled by Hardly bar staff behind the bar. Simplicity and reliability are paramount along with decent sound at reasonable decibel levels. Speakers would be mounted high up on the walls in the corners. Speakers need to be relatively small. Saloon is 16x16 with open door and a roof so there will be some reverb effect.

I have read good reviews on the Logitech Bluetooth receiver for enabling Bluetooth on traditional amp/receiver units.

Looking for tips/advice from someone who has done something like this in previous years. (suggested speaker wattage, dust abatement, etc)

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Re: Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby some seeing eye » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:59 pm

Bluetooth operates in a congested radio environment.

Camp WiFi, phones with WiFi left on, GoPro cameras all produce interference along with art car radio networks operating near your camp. It's worse than a busy apartment building with few radio blocking walls.

Just suggest you have a wired backup jack in plan.
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Re: Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby BBadger » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:05 pm

If you have some decent speakers and an amp, etc, I would probably rely on a Bluetooth receiver adapter that connects to a larger sound system via an RCA or other cable. You can also get some of those Bluetooth speakers, and if possible set them up do stereo pairing for extra sound. Some of those regular Bluetooth speakers sound pretty good and have big sound, but maybe not enough for a BM camp. Also, some of them are also dust/waterproof (e.g. Fugoo -- which does not stereo pair) which could be nice. Maybe they'd be sufficient? It'll be more important to have the speakers sound good rather than just loud, so watch the distortion in those Bluetooth speakers.

On either an adapter or Bluetooth-enabled speaker I would ensure that it supports the aptX standard for better audio quality, which may also help with drop-outs, etc. I still sometimes get drop-outs even in an empty room. Make sure it is easy to reassign a pairing too (a button, etc.) if you want to keep things simple. Also make sure that the system relies on an explicit pairing mechanism (e.g. a button) to ensure that the system only pairs to the specific device you want, not just whichever one "wins" in the area; some cheaper BT speakers and systems assume that there is only one device in the area and can't handle conflicts, etc.
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Re: Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby maladroit » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:19 pm

If you don't find a solution, I'll be in the neighborhood sometime in the next few months to work on B's art car. Between me, B, and L we could probably suggest a solution. The saloon is around the same size as the car and there's never been a problem getting enough sound out of the car, so the same wattage of amps and speakers might do the trick. The car's sound runs on 12V though, so it won't be an exact match on equipment....just idea of wattage needed.

Aside from that, the easier solution would be a moderate-level home surround sound system. A lot of them have satellite speakers to mount around the room, and a subwoofer to put under the bar; and some even have Bluetooth capability built in. Can get a complete 500 watt system for like $250.

I would recommend against depending on Bluetooth too's kind of a cool idea to tell guests to be the DJs but it'll keep cutting in and out, people will walk away and forget they were playing the music, it'll take a minute for someone else to get connected, etc. It couldn't hurt to have a simple MP3 player sitting behind the bar to plug in with some suitable music.

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Re: Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby jasik » Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:17 am

It's so easy to implement. You just need a Bluetooth aux receiver. I am using it more than two years in my car and with my traditional sound system at home.
I can advise you to find some on express or Amazon. There has a lot of stuff in this category. The right model depends on aux (line in) of your sound system.
Here is the some stuff:
Brand New 3.5mm Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System

It will be so cool if you want to make something like que of track from guest. Something like this
But unfortunately this app need the internet connection.

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Re: Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby trilobyte » Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:31 am

I'm moving this to the Recommendations board, since that's a better fit for 'what do I buy' threads.

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Re: Advice on Bluetooth enabled sound system for theme camp bar

Postby Captain Goddammit » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:31 am

If you want simple and reliable just do what I do on my Mutant Vehicle, use a car stereo deck. The marine versions are the most corrosion resistant, but what I do is keep it inside a big ziplock freezer bag. They always come with a remote so you pretty much never need to open the bag. The one I used last year is in my pickup truck now - that's the cool thing, you can use it later elsewhere. Mine didn't get any dust.
They have standard line-out jacks and you can plug right into your amp.
You can buy a Bluetooth car deck for about $100 or so. I'd say stick with bigger name brands, Kenwood or Alpine.
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