Egg-Fessional Art Car for Sale perfect for Radical Ritual 2017 Theme

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Egg-Fessional Art Car for Sale perfect for Radical Ritual 2017 Theme

Postby fatherlupo » Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:34 pm

MUTANT VEHICLE FOR SALE perfect for this year’s theme: Radical Ritual. The “Eggfessional” is a mobile confessional booth inside of an egg: “Confess not your sins, but rather cycles you wish to break in order to live the life you dream of” (Check the photos for different mutations made from this professionally welded base.)

Burning Man is accepting Mutant Vehicle applications starting February 22 thru April 18. This amazing vehicle has been to burning man 8 times in 16 years (approved every time applied but each year is harder so talk to me) , otherwise not driven at all. It is gas powered so never has to be charged and being a veteran I created a custom air intake tube for the engine protecting it from dust, so it runs for weeks on playa without issue. No need to constantly start stop the engine as it is a golf cart base, just press and go! The egg seats 4 people.

For the last 3 burns attended, this mutant vehicle has been in the form of an egg, which includes a white fur shell that reflects sunlight in the day but keeps you warm at night. There are 6 windows for a 360 degree view and if the playa dust starts getting bad, simply close the windows that face the wind. If a white out dust storm hits then park the egg, close all the windows, crank the stereo and the party really gets started! (see pics)

In it’s current egg-mutation, “The Eggfessional”, there is a big cock on top of the egg in a priest outfit, two large yokes swinging inside the egg and a furry fried egg steering wheel. There are LED powered lights on a 60 channel sequencer that cycles through 30+ patterns designed by a world class digital artist . Make sure to use a separate power source for the lights if you are like me and like to disappear for days at a time ;) I’ve removed the stereo but am leaving 4x speakers and a subwoofer strategically placed to create vibration in the seats. Other than custom mutations, maintenance is very minimal. Each year before I attend Burning Man I take the egg for servicing at , then I simply bring a spare air filter to playa and that is it! She’s a good egg ;)

I am an artist and have contributed a significant portion of my life, creativity and income attending burning man. I come early to build the city and stay late to leave no trace. Alas I’m moving on to other adventures, so it's time for someone else to enjoy the egg in all it's glory. The sale is "as is”, here’s what the purchase includes:

- Gas powered Golf Cart
- Faux Fur Egg Shell with 6x Open and Close Windows
- 300ft of LED DV rope lights custom wired to fit egg shell
- 60 pattern sequencer with 30 patterns programed by digital artist
- A Big Cock (Rooster) dressed in a Catholic Priest Outfit
- Two Giant Furry Yoke Balls that Hang Inside the Egg Cabin
- 3x Furry Yoke pillow that Spill Out the window
- A Rubber Chicken
- Furry Fried Egg Steering Wheel

I've got other things to sell like a geodesic dome, I’ll be selling those things end of May. The egg is stored just outside of San Francisco in Novato, stored indoors as always. Please message me on Facebook if you are interested and would like to make an offer.

Nothing beating giving free rides and tours of Burning Man to wide eye first time couples as the take in Burning Man through the back window of the egg, the joy of giving selflessly to others.

Father Lupo


MORE PICTURES ... 520&type=3

02 The Egg Provides Shelter.jpg

11 Eggfessional LED Sequencer.jpg

10 Eggfessional after a week on Playa.jpg
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gone goan
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Re: Egg-Fessional Art Car for Sale perfect for Radical Ritual 2017 Theme

Postby gone goan » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:18 am

im interested
please mail me on

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