19' Geo Dome w/ Custom Cover For Sale

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19' Geo Dome w/ Custom Cover For Sale

Post by rebelsun » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:12 pm

$2800 OBO. With Burning Man right around the corner our custom dome could be your new Playa Sanctuary. If you know your domes it's a 3 Frequency 5/8 Sphere made from 1" conduit so VERY STRONG (ask for photos). We custom made the cover from Canvas that Pacific Domes sold us back in 2000. Yes, it's 20 years old, but the cover is still in good shape. Keep in mind that this dome was only used about 1 week at a time on the playa (Burning Man) maybe about 12 times total over the last 20 years - until 12 months ago when we set up and left it up in our back yard in Santa Cruz. The cover has a full size door opening with a door flap. There are also 3 triangle canvas windows that can be opened for air flow. Plus a "skylight" flap on the roof that we open and close with two ropes. The bottom of the cover has grommet holes that fit over the bottom bolts keeping it tight to the dome frame.

For comparison sake, this is just a bit smaller than Pacific Dome's current 20' event dome. They used to use the canvas that we have, but have since started using a different type of fabric. The downside to our dome cover is that the fabric is dirty. I tried cleaning it with a brush and borax as suggested by the Pacific Domes people, but after about 30 minutes of scrubbing decided to give up. Regardless, this is an awesome dome and it was built to withstand all that Burning Man can throw at it! Respond to this post to schedule a viewing. I will help you take it down and load it into your truck - and give you some pointers for setting it up.

$2800 obo

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