Lost High Sierra Backpack (at Spanky's)

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Lost High Sierra Backpack (at Spanky's)

Postby buc1000 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:15 pm

I lost a small black w/ white logo High Sierra hydration bag (with water reservoir removed). The bag is black or some might say dark dark blue. Inside the large zipper pouch is a clear bottle of lotion with a black squirt lid, and bottled water. In the small top pouch is my gold iphone 5s that has a light wood case on it that's cracked on the bottom. In the front pouch is my Oregon driver's license with about $50 cash wrapped around it and a prescription bottle with my name on it (Dakota Bovee). I lost this bag at Spanky's Wine Bar next to one of the couches on thursday night I believe. I came back approximately an hour and a half later to look for it and there was no one there and my bag was nowhere to be found. I checked lost and found each day up until sunday and had no luck finding my belongings. I would love to get my bag and valuables back! Email me at buc.bovee@gmail.com or call 971-218-1105 if you have my things or have any useful information

Thank you for your help :)

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