Small Green High Sierra Backpack

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Small Green High Sierra Backpack

Postby Moesther » Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:19 am

This small hydration pack is without the water pouch and is pretty old/beat up. It has 2 journals which have 5 years of verse ad writings in them. One is a brown leather with a green stone and the other says "A poet's Notebook" and is black. It also contained my GoPro 4, an expired passport, a 5HTP bottle and 2 Tarot decks-one Osho, and one Spirit Deck. Most of these things are super sentimental and non replaceable, so please if you just wanted the cash valuables that's the way it'll be, but please return everything else. I'd love to have it all back, but sometimes sacrifices are made..

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