Lost Gray/Black Camelback With Canon Camera In Bag

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Lost Gray/Black Camelback With Canon Camera In Bag

Postby stevefarris24 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:30 pm

Sometime on Thursday night, I drank too much and left my black and gray Camelback somewhere along the Esplanade (I think). The bag is wrapped in red El-wire. Also clipped to the bag was a pair of goggles, a headlamp, and a water bottle with a Pittsburgh Steelers symbol on it. There was a silver Canon camera in a gray case inside one of the pockets. Another pocket contained an assortment of stickers. I've included a picture of the Camelback and I'm hopeful that someone can help me. I'm mainly interested in the pictures on the camera.
Lost Camelbak

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