LOST Icelandic Wool Jacket

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LOST Icelandic Wool Jacket

Post by pricklycactus » Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:33 am

While dancing at Camp Question Mark on Friday night, all of our clothes walked away. We must've been 5 feet away from the pile, turned around and noticed everything was gone.

I don't care why or how this happened, it turned the blistering cold night into a dance until the sun comes up adventure. I am heart broken that my Icelandic Wool Jacket walked away though, this one means the world to me. If you or anyone you know found and/or picked this guy up, please please please contact me. Thank you. Please see photo for reference.

Along with jacket was an ultralight patagonia down jacket in womens small - an amazing winter item I used for working outdoors on winter film shoots - this took me a whole winter to afford, if you have it please return it, I can't afford to get this again :/

Also gone from the pile is a black california hoodie, a large off-white russian hat with side earflops and two drink bottles
Icelandic Wool Jacket

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