Lost Gold IPHONE 7 (clear case w/black business card)

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Lost Gold IPHONE 7 (clear case w/black business card)

Postby dfavale » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:31 pm

Hi! I lost my gold iphone 7 (but white around the screen) on Friday morning or afternoon. It was probably somewhere between 2:00 & I and 3:00 & E. It was most likely at Disco Knights. The gold apple i phone was in a plastic clear case with a black business card for Spilia Restaurant showing through the back. The screensaver is a disco ball. If someone found it and was so thoughtful and generous with their time to have saved it, I would be pleased to paypal or venmo shipping plus reward. I have many photos I'd love to keep on that device.

BTW, yesterday I created a post that the iPhone was white, but I remembered today it's actually gold with a white face.

Thank you in advance!

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