Will (Tokio (half Japanese, Half-American), HBGB) 9:15/L-ish

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Will (Tokio (half Japanese, Half-American), HBGB) 9:15/L-ish

Post by letgo » Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:40 pm

Will, buddy, please find me.
I honestly think we've met for a reason. In 30 minutes you've impacted my life like I wouldnt beleive.
I think there is 3 main things why I got my BM ticket the way I did - and one of them is meeting you. There is stuff I need to learn from you. And there is stuff I wanna tell you re: the girl. And I Feel there is a Lot of similarities and we can help each other grow.
Anyhow, I know that we'll meet again, just want to help it to happen faster thru here:)


p.s. was gonna ask for your contact info while watching the man burn but thought we'd party together anyway, so will do it later. Wrong decision. Looking for somebody on the playa at night is barely successful).

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