Missing Bounce Boots, Kangoo Jumps...

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Missing Bounce Boots, Kangoo Jumps...

Post by Kismet » Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:41 pm

Every year I bring 20 pairs of bouncy boots to Music Savages arena, and another 10 pairs of boots live on the Shenanigan Wagon Art Car.
This year our locking storage systems failed. 2 pairs of Size Small Kangoo Boots that were taken out of a locked box from the Music Savages Arena (I & 9:00) sometime between 11pm on Friday night and 9am on Saturday morning. We have no idea who took them, but we do know the boots size 6-9 women's with pink logos on the toes.

Another pair was taken off the SHenanigan Wagon Art Car that was parked in front of Playa Surfers at 4:30 & Esplanade. The logo on the toe may be pink, silver or gold...i dont know.

All boots have return address labels with Savages address and my personal phone number. We have waited patiently, but no one has ever contacted us. Sadly, it seems that they were stolen. Please prove me wrong!

These boots cost $230...so losing 3 pairs is a pretty painful hit. All our kangoos have our logo etched/painted into the toe. They also have led lights underneath and a return address sticker on the back. I do bring these Kangoos out to other smaller SoCal festivals througout the year. So if you see these ANYWHERE please take them from whoever has them. Contact me and I will be happy to send you payment for shipping them back to me. Or, if you are in a vigilante kind of mood, take those boots, admonish the thief, and tell the person who has them to give you $25 to cover shipping.

See pics of the boots at
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