The Whispering Willow Looking for Volunteers in SF/Oakland

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The Whispering Willow Looking for Volunteers in SF/Oakland

Post by thepretentiousplatypus » Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:08 pm

Hello, beautiful burners!

We're building The Whispering Willow, a 12 foot sound sculpture of a willow tree whose trunk is in the shape of a woman's body. Twenty-four tin cans will dangle from her hair/swaying branches, each one containing a speaker playing back the sounds of artists, musicians, social catalysts, radical thinkers and philosophers. (Click it

We received an Honorarium this year to breathe life into this boisterous beast!!!

We're now looking for a few more volunteers to render our team complete. Volunteers who would rather help out with general tasks or who have specialized skills (experience in metal welding, wood work, electrical) are both super valuable for the build.

We plan to build from May until mid July in Oakland.

Give me a shout for more on this!

Tanjareen AKA The Pretentious Platypus

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Re: The Whispering Willow Looking for Volunteers in SF/Oakla

Post by Pink1 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:13 am

My partner and I are totally down to help out with your tree. We even have a bit o steel laying around! We sent a PM!


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