Fundraiser: Colorado's Midway Project - The DisCOmbobulator

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Camp Name: Midway Project - The DisCOmbobulator

Fundraiser: Colorado's Midway Project - The DisCOmbobulator

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Colorado is gearing up for our Midway project. Please donate to help this awesome team of folks get their project to the playa this year.

Headed to Burning Man 2015 and lovingly known as the DisCOmbobulatorour project is a large machine that appears to function as a combination of an automated fortune teller and a fair style penny press machine. The front facing portion of the machine will be a booth that has a live gypsy "Zelda" or "Zoltar" style fortune teller. Unfortunately participants will discover that Zoltar is not really prepared to give out fortunes as he is busy living his life. When the curtains open participants will find him eating lunch, on the toilet, getting dressed, etc. You are likely to have him tell you that he is on vacation and have him ask you to tell him his fortune instead. This part of the booth is all about shtick and will be a fun, funny, and unexpected interaction. As a consolation for not getting what you thought you would out of Zoltan he will bid you well on your journey and gift you a blank "coin" to insert into the coin press machine. As you follow your "coin's" progress along the machine you stop at several different points of interactivity. Each stop is designed to challenge your perception of what a real carnival game should be. Witty banter is the game here & a positive attitude & willingness to play along is actually how you win.

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