*Fundraiser* XUZA Art Car 2.0 - better than ever!! :-)

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XUZA Art Car
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*Fundraiser* XUZA Art Car 2.0 - better than ever!! :-)

Post by XUZA Art Car » Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:36 pm

XUZA made her first appearance on the Playa Last year and it was an amazing experience... what a journey it was building and getting her there.... This year we are bypassing "the next level" and going straight to the top... we are totally redoing the entire facade of the rig with a custom foam core masterpiece.

We tried to fund this through local fund raising events but as we're getting down to the wire we realized this is a much bigger project then first anticipated, we're burners :-)

You can show your support of the XUZA Project and look stylish as well! XUZAwear consists of T-shirts, Tanks and Leggings which will feature XUZA Inspired designs by Gear Duran. The shirts will be printed using a dye sublimation process which allows all over printing.

We would love you to be a part of the XUZA Team!

-click for Indiegogo Campaign-

We need your help to complete this project, every dollar counts at this point, you can also help by also sharing our project as well..... Can't wait to see you in the dust!!!!

Much Love ) ' (

Mike C
-Justin Case-



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