Fundraiser: True Reflections Palace

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Fundraiser: True Reflections Palace

Postby jwalter » Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:10 pm

New for 2015 Carnival of Mirrors at Burning Man - a completely redesigned, upgraded, larger version of the True Reflections Palace that showcases the amazing mirror that reflects you as you are, without reversing left and right. I discovered that when you look into this mirror, you not only see what you look like correctly, but who you are and how you are. Some crazy but basic Science and Art combine here - and you are a key part of the Art for sure. Seeing yourself with the true elements of your personality intact - that's an AHA moment to be treasured for life! Its also the reason that I love bringing this to the Playa - Burners in particular are amazing already, and they prove it by their wonderful responses!

This year, we are making the Palace out of Giant T Toys (can't use the trademark name for this very common childhood building set). Big 1 foot x 6 inch wood rounds with all the holes in the right places, long 10 foot poles covered in colored spandex, a 20x30x8' footprint, shiny rainbow curtains, a red roof and of course holding the amazing and magical True Reflection Mirrors....all of this is coming, and will be in a "can't miss it" location - inner Playa somewhere.Image, more pictures here:

We are a very grateful Burningman Honorarium Art recipient, but need some help to get the project out there without leaving a giant financial hole to fill. Won't you help us get us there? Here is the Kickstarter link again: There's some amazing rewards, including getting your own True Reflection Mirror to blow you and your friends away, or a crazy Liquid Nitrogen Fractured Mirror Bas-relief to hang on your wall. Or just a big, huge really, Thank You! for helping us out.

Lovin you- see you on Playa!!!

John W. aka Exactly

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Re: Fundraiser: True Reflections Palace

Postby trilobyte » Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:47 pm

Yeah, it's one thing to be inspired by somebody else's design but that is just making big copies, I can see where the tinker toys people might have an issue. Good luck with the project!

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Re: Fundraiser: True Reflections Palace

Postby jwalter » Fri Aug 07, 2015 11:37 am

True Reflections Palace at Burning Man 2015 Funding:

All's still well that didn't end well - our Kickstarter campaign bit the dust, but we don't mind dust do we?
We are bringing a 20x30x8 foot palace made from giant Tinker Toys and filled with true reflection mirrors - these mirrors are going to rock the Carnival of Mirrors theme this year like a house on fire! We are almost done building and it’s looking real good.
An alternative fundraising page on my website is accepting donations and promoting the same great rewards, including your own amazing True Mirror to have at home. Please support us - it’s been a long haul so far and your financial love will go a long way to easing the lift. Thanks!!!!
You can find the page here:

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