Fundraiser(s) - Sask Playa Odditorium

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Fundraiser(s) - Sask Playa Odditorium

Post by regynalonglank » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:35 pm

ePlaya I am in you! I know, I know, I never call I never write : D but I think of you often.

We are doing a little collabo this year for the Midway, got some fundys going, hoped maybe ya'll could help us out. We got a Kickstarter ending in like ten hours here: ... burning-ma

and an IndieGoGo going that ends tomorrow here which could also use some love:

please to be thanking you so much for anything you can give - we wanna run away and join the circus. Pleez Halp!

xoxo RLL

/ \

just listen to the drum


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