Fundraiser: Miso Horny Camp

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Camp Name: Miso Horny

Fundraiser: Miso Horny Camp

Post by pocolypz » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:08 pm

Hi gang,

My camp mates have put together a really fun idea: an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion deck that's Playa themed! Proceeds go to Miso Horny's miso and sake bar. We need to upgrade A LOT of our lighting, buy shit tons more soup and sake, fix some of our infrastructure, and make our workshop dome more comfortable. We are releasing a printable PDF for free in August-ish, but by purchasing a printed deck you get a nice shiny thing to play with, plus you help us serve the Playa!

Our Indiegogo campaign:

In the spirit of radical participation, you can submit card ideas here: ... 8/viewform

Thanks for your support everyone! We're going to print the first trial run next week to make sure the quality is up to par before we send it out to all the people who contributed.


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