Fundraiser: Arnold Palmer & Quesadillas

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Camp Name: Arnold Palmer & Quesadillas

Fundraiser: Arnold Palmer & Quesadillas

Post by sankaman » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:35 pm

Hello humans!

Our team of smelly hippies return to the playa for another adventure of the human experience! They bring with them ooey gooey Quesadillas and bonafide Arnold Palmers, to make sure burner dwellers are well fed and in good spirits to enjoy all the playa has to offer. From Monday to Friday, at times between the afternoon and dawn, they will flip and stir to make sure the playa is well fed (while supplies last...:0).

And so, in order to provide for these earthly delights, we ask for a hand from friends like you. In return for each donation, as a form of gratitude, these crazy kids will create an original and authentic piece of art or apparel, just for you! If your generosity is overwhelming, and we surely surpass our goal, we will provide more food and drink, as well as shade, music and lights.

So come on and give us your hands! Let's make sure the playa receives the gift of those Killer Arnold Palmers and a Skele-ton of Quesadillas.

Much love and happy burn!



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