Securing 10 principal street lights.

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Securing 10 principal street lights.

Post by captain voltaveus » Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:05 pm

I’m constructing aluminum water jet cut streetlights that are hexagons made of 1/8th thick 8” x 8” panels with graphic cutouts for our camp. The hexagon bases have 1 5/8 shade structure bases so I may mount them atop 6 ft chain link fence posts. To secure them to the playa, I was thinking about similarly placing the posts into shade structure footings bolted to a 24” x 24” plywood base which would in turn be secured with 4 lag bolts in each corner. I’m curious if the community of builders think this would have adequate purchase? How long a lag bolt would be needed? I use 18” bolts with an impact driver for my shade structure tie downs usually. I was pondering driving rebar veritically overehich I could slide the fence posting as added security against wind and hippies...

Any advice is much appreciated.

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