Small Art Car "The Irreducible" seeks a new owner (free)

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Small Art Car "The Irreducible" seeks a new owner (free)

Post by bradtem » Tue Feb 09, 2021 5:39 pm

Our art car/mutant vehicle has lost its storage and custodian on the playa. I haven't been able to make it out to the playa for several years though hope to return again. However, this lovely vehicle, first built by a campmate and bequested to me after his death, needs somebody new. It had an accident so it needs some repairs, new paint and rope light to be restored to operation. Of course each year the DMV gets stricter and perhaps they won't like that you can see the seats and wheel of the base vehicle because of its skeletal design, so one can never guarantee there, but it has been approved on Playa for many years and always gets great appreciation for its look, day and night.

It has to move tomorrow from Treasure Island but I can get it in storage for a month before the new owner picks it up. There's a Yamaha G-1 golf car inside (these are very long lasting and simple so have some value) and a custom built trailer it travels on. Total can be towed by any vehicle that can tow, about 1500lbs. I attach some pictures here, and at this album: you can see it with its old and new roof, different lighting, in use, and its slightly sadder current state with broken nose. An example of the base vehicle is also included.

Not asking for money, though I certainly hope that upon my return to the playa in the future that I would be able to use it part time there, or take it back if you're not going. Otherwise its current host and I don't have room to store it and it will be demolished to extract the golf cart.

Contact me by DM or email [email protected]
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