Sacramento Valley Spark is OFFICIALLY a 501(c)3 Non Profit!

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Sacramento Valley Spark is OFFICIALLY a 501(c)3 Non Profit!

Post by zorgath » Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:21 pm

It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Sacramento Valley Spark Board of Directors announces that we have received a letter dated October 22, 2015 from the IRS declaring our organization exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c) 3. How this impacts the way we conduct business and other changes/benefits to the organization will be announced in the coming weeks. However, the most substantial benefit is that SVS is now eligible to receive tax deductible donations.
Obtaining the 501c3 status has been the number one most important, time consuming and difficult ‘behind the scenes’ task that SVS has worked on to date. Our current success opens the gate for greater opportunities for SVS to benefit our community.
This achievement would not have been possible without the culmination of much hard work and time by several key volunteers. The SVS board would like recognize and extend our sincere gratitude to the following individuals for their generous contributions. The task of laying the groundwork for the organization was led by John (Dolomite) Ayers and Thomas Davis. Lisa Daugherty and Deborah Coughlin worked with the lawyer to make the necessary corrections to the SVS bylaws. Mary Holt worked with our accountant in providing all of the financial information necessary to make sure that SVS had all of the required tax filing completed. Jacalyn Dunkle has been instrumental in providing the extensive information required for the final push to complete the filing process.
In addition, let us not forget that every SVS member who has gifted their time to being a board member has also contributed to this. Without their shoulders to the wheel getting work done and dealing with our strategic goals, this outcome would not have come to pass. We did this together.
Your 2015 SVS Board of Directors

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