Lost bike lock keys

Lost something on the playa? Tell us about it here.
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Lost bike lock keys

Post by gmunzy » Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:47 am


We lost a set of two bike lock keys at the lighthouse burn this year. One is a copper colored kryptonite padlock key and the other is a silver barrel style kryptonite u-lock key. They were attached to a green ribbon keychain that has a 'Swedish Medical Center' logo on it and a miniature blue rock climbing stopper anchor.

We locked our bikes together and had to get them all the way to 4:30 & H and then home to Denver coupled! I know it's a long shot...but if anyone can help you'll be extra loved forever!!

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Re: Lost bike lock keys

Post by Captain Goddammit » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:45 pm

4:30 & H? Well I hope you had a few bacon tamales!
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Re: Lost bike lock keys

Post by Blueschaser » Wed Sep 14, 2016 5:50 pm

Should have stopped a block short, at G. Elliot's Bike Repair. Would not have been first lock we cut off that week.
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Re: Lost bike lock keys

Post by Ratty » Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:54 pm

The photos of keys have just been posted on the BM lost & Found site. Take a look for yours.
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Re: Lost bike lock keys

Post by gmunzy » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:33 am

Found them in the Lost & Found pictures! Thanks for all the help :D

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Re: Lost bike lock keys

Post by BBadger » Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:29 pm

Wow, you found them! Congrats!

I was going to suggest:
Solution to a problem.
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Re: Lost bike lock keys

Post by Meat Hunter » Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:33 pm

I am also apt to lose keys. So, I use a simple little combination cable lock that has a combination re-set for an easy to remember combination.

Most combination cable locks that I have seen are way to long and too heavy. However, I found one that is short, not as robust and was designed to be used on a child bike and it works just fine. I purchased several.

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