Central Oregon Hosts Burning Art Show Feb-October 2020

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Central Oregon Hosts Burning Art Show Feb-October 2020

Post by some seeing eye » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:25 am

Oregon is adjacent to Nevada with excellent access by sparsely traveled 447 North of the Y with 34. It has a large burner community going back to Cacophony days. Larry Harvey was born in little Portland and his photographer brother lives in Portland.

Oregon has a coast range of low mountains, 1500-4000 feet, a damp valley where most of the population lives: Portland, Eugene and Ashland, big burner towns, then the Cascades. Beyond the Cascades is high desert. You find a lot of ranching, some forestry, mining, data centers and sunshine. Bend is a resort, outdoor adventure, and retirement town, with its own Burner community. Bend is home to the High Desert Museum.

From February 1 to October 4 the High Desert Museum hosts its own Burning Man exhibition. It is independent of the Smithsonian, Cincinnati, Oakland big show, let's call it a "Regional."

If you are in the area, and it interests you, stop by!

(Bend can be one of the routes from Seattle and BC)


https://highdesertmuseum.org/wp-content ... 2519-1.pdf
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