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Series in the Chronicle

Post by phil » Sat Jul 30, 2005 11:33 am

For those not in the San Francsico Bay Area, the SF Chronicle has been running a series on BM, which can be read (and looked at -- lots of photos of local Burners) at

Of some interest is this quote from one of the articles:
Since 1998, their devotion has helped Burning Man pass twice-yearly trash inspections from the federal Bureau of Land Management, which grants the permits needed to hold the event. DPW is largely responsible for Burning Man's good relationship with the federal government.

"Burning Man people do a phenomenal job of leaving no trace," said Dave Cooper, manager of the Black Rock Desert National Recreation Area for bureau. "In fact, we now hold all other groups that use the playa to a higher standard because of Burning Man." ... D7FK81.DTL

I'm not interested in poking dead threads, but it's interesting to note that the BLM thinks we're not only doing a phenomenal job of leaving no trace but that we're doing so much better than the BLM thought possible that _other_ groups are being held to our higher standard.

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