LoveNest art installation Camp FCRC

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LoveNest art installation Camp FCRC

Post by peopleingear » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:46 pm

Founded and created by Enrique and Lymarie in 2016,
LoveNest is an aromatherapy art installation that will become a natural hub for all to experience. LoveNest will reside alongside Camp FCRC.
Campers will be able to meditate, pray, lay, or have an amazing and profound fragrant experience while nestled in.
Following the 10 principles of Buriningman, It is a peaceful art installation that caters to mind, body and soul .
On the last day of Burning Man we would burn the LoveNest and allow it to be a smudging experience with all attendees. Small gifted smudging fans will be provided.

We will have sound and welcome all kinds of musicians to stop by and share their talents by adding sound to our atmosphere.

We hope to see you all there ! Can wait to share the love and art to this years BM radical ritual!!
LoveNest model 1 copy.jpg


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