Transformational Speaker looking for more opportunities!

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Transformational Speaker looking for more opportunities!

Post by SoMuchLOVE » Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:20 pm

Hello! I am a Transformational Speaker and I give speeches/workshops/presentations called "Quest To Self Love"!

I am looking for more opportunities of audiences to connect with! I have several in the works already and I know many more will unfold, as I flow with the now at Burning Man. And I thought this would be a good place to spread the word :)

I lead my audience through layers of awarenesses that they may or may not already have through my story and message in a way that actually gives you a massive positive energy boost that launches you on to the next level of your journey in life! Which is a deeper level of Self-Love or saying "I love you *me*!" for the first time in your life and actually meaning it!

I am a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor and 317 days ago on Saturday October 1st, 2016, I defeated my self-hatred and later that night said "I Love You James!" for the very first time in my life! That was the moment my brain actualized that it can love itself, that I do Love myself! And that Self-Love is limitless LOVE!!!

I share my intense personal experiences that lead to my self-hatred, how I defeated my self-hatred, and the amazing realizations I have had on my transformative healing journey of Self-Love! I talk about Neuroplasticity!

I keep my message very Pure! I do not talk about religion or spirituality. I talk about universal truths and neuroscience!

Please check out my page and my bio in the about section...

PS: I am headed to the Playa tomorrow (8/15/17) with the Bluegrass theme camp Rootpile! So I will be on the Playa early and may not be able to check this online!

However, I have a Loveaphone (megaphone) so if you hear somebody walking around saying extremely positive inspiring loving things, it might be me and come give me a hug! So Much LOVE!!!

Or find me at Rootpile! 6 & Eulogy!

PSS: This is my first Burning Man! :) <3
Everything that is
Just as it is
Blossoms with your love

SO MUCH LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3

PS: My Playa name is Rabbit!

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Re: Transformational Speaker looking for more opportunities!

Post by Admiral Fukkit » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:04 am

Practice all the self-love you want but not in public please. That includes BRC.


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