looking for a golf cart donation (or very low price)

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looking for a golf cart donation (or very low price)

Post by mkstowegnv » Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi, Contradance Community Camp has one musician who attends frequently, and a few dancers who attend occasionally, who are mobility or vision impaired (BTW it is possible to contradance while in the right kind of wheelchair, and there are regulars scattered around the country who are blind or deaf). A golf cart allows such folks to enjoy touring the Playa with a companion at their side. We have lugged a borrowed golf cart to the event in the past, but now that we have two shipping containers and could store a cart (minus the batteries which could be maintained off Playa), we thought we would ask if anyone miraculously has one to lend, or donate (we are a 501c3 and the donation would be tax deductible). It would be lent to the Mobility Camp any year when we did not need it ourselves. Please email mkstowegnv at gmail. Thanks!
Mark Stowe
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