How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

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How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by Kiany » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:45 am

Hi everybody

Me and my 2 friends have decided that there is no better time for a epic trip - once in a life time and attending to burning man 2017 is the most obvious thing in our mind . It will take a whole year to prepare since we're not living in the US.

Our biggest concern is the chance to buy the tickets because we can't afford pre-sale price, seriously, I wanna know how hard it will take to become a burner ?

Besides, you are more than welcome to share us the advices for the first time foreign visitors to enjoy the most out of burning man.

Thanks you in advance!
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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by Meat Hunter » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:59 am


"How hard is it to buy tickets?" You have ask a valid question for one beginning this journey for the first time.

Like many things in life, nothing is guaranteed and purchasing a ticket in the General Ticket Sale can be more akin to being at the right place at the right time. But, if you do not try, you will not succeed.

My three recommendations are:
(1) Make a very detailed list of every single item that you will need and define where you will purchase every single item.

(2) Do not purchase a non-refundable airline ticket until after you have confirmation that you have purchased a ticket.

(3) If you are unable to purchase a ticket, you will not have spent any money,

(4) And, you will be able to use your detailed list move quickly to pull your playa-kit together.

I am sure that others will chime in here with more advice and strategies. In my opinion, attending the event is more of a long journey than it is a single event.

Good luck and I hope to be seeing you guys in the dust.
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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by BBadger » Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:11 pm

As Meat Hunter mentioned: be aware that you may not be able to obtain a ticket, or enough tickets. Plan everything around the possibility of not receiving tickets.

You might have a chance of obtaining the needed tickets through STEP, buying from people on the forum, or other online resources means. However, the chances of successfully obtaining a ticket are low. Other than pre-sale type tickets, most after-main-sale tickets are obtained through personal connections to a Burner community, friends, or other connections. It is even more difficult if you're abroad since you cannot meet people in person to make the exchanges.

DO NOT send cash, Paypal gifts, Western Union, bitcoins, or other forms of non-refundable payment to buy a ticket. This is the easiest way for you to get scammed.
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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by DoctorIknow » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:15 pm

(eplayans who know better, please rebut any misinfo I may have said below...)

As said above, the chances of getting tickets in the general sale are slim. Very slim.

Even with the odds way against any individual getting tickets (fortunately, you can buy two) there are yearly screw ups with the Internet or a server at Ticketfly's make the odds even worse.

Every year, people try to guess the magic combination of browser refresh's, various browsers, and sometimes those who don't pay attention to messages from the ticket company or Burning Man about how get and not lose your place in line actually get the tickets. They will immediately post their bizarre combination of tricks, and others trying it just get kicked out of the line.

Example: last year, about 24 hours before the general tickets went on sale, there was a message from Burning Man to sign-in early, as that would put you at the head of the cue once the sale begins.

In reading all the chatter on this board during the sale, it seems those who disobeyed this edict from Burning Man are the ones who got tickets.

I may be wrong, but I believe there was no response from either Burning Man or Ticketfly as to what this "pre-sign-up" or whatever it was called was such a failure.

Yes, you will need to make a Burner Profile, and yes, you will have to remember your password for that AND make sure it's the same password for Ticketfly, as many people, once in the ticket purchase area, were told they needed a Ticketfly password and couldn't remember it and were unable to complete the transaction.

Failing to get a ticket, the STEP program is mentioned, and it is another crap shoot. Do not count on STEP for even an optimistic minute.

What you can count on is individual sales listed online.
These postings are full of hustlers, but even if you find one that looks good, and you have TALKED (on a phone) to the seller, there is no way you should use any form of payment unless you are with the seller in person. If the seller won't give you their phone number, shop elsewhere.

Buying off the 'net would require you to have a friend in USA who would help you out. Search their city for possible online tickets from something like *********.

The greatest number of tickets available (that I've noticed) seem to happen the closer it gets to the event, which totally sucks for those not living in the USA.

ALL THE ABOVE isn't to say "don't bother," but is that if you figure out the price of a refundable airline ticket (good luck with that) that you buy lets say 8 months in advance to get it cheaper, and you figure out the price of a ticket you buy 2 weeks before the event, you may be better off scraping up the money and buy the tickets available around Christmas time. THEN find the cheapest RT flight available. It maybe be much cheaper to fly into SFO, but that's a whole other topic of SFO vs. RNO: which would save money vs. which would be less problematic.

Even with the huge price difference of early sale vs General Sale, the cheapest part of your adventure will be the actual tickets.

Sorry, but if you really absolutely want to come, get the early tickets. And even they are limited in numbers!

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by Traveller in Time » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:11 am

Ticket story Journal
(the 'official' result of last ticket sale)

I will go for the expensive early sale (if ever).
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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by BBadger » Fri Nov 11, 2016 3:31 pm

There's usually a new and different ticket system fuck-up each year, so you never know how you may get screwed or benefit for that matter. You've just gotta have contingency plans if your plans fall through.
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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by lucky420 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 3:47 pm

It's pretty fuckin hard :mrgreen:

But hang in there, hang in here. We've seen newcomers come here and engage with us and when not getting a ticket sometimes they find one here. I think that is due to their of us

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by mgb327 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:52 pm

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by lucky420 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 7:51 pm

mgb327 wrote:One of us...One of us...One of us...
Oh my god, it's HUGE!

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by JesseBC » Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:10 am

I think the real question is: How committed are you to putting in the work it takes to get tickets? A lot of people say they want tickets---oh, they want tickets so, so badly!---but then when tickets don't just drop out of the sky, they wander off and forget about it (which may be for the best, because that probably means they wouldn't really have put in the work to go to Burning Man either; plus, that's one more ticket available!).

I'm sure experienced Burners can give you lots of advice, but here's what I learned from my experience:

---Plan on making ticket acquisition a major part of your life for about six months. Sure, you might luck out in the main sale, but probably not, so if you really want to go, plan to be thinking about tickets a lot more and for a lot longer than you would really prefer to do.

---Pay attention to dates! The sales have registration dates prior to the date of the sale and if you don't register, you can't try your luck in that sale. I don't know how many posts I saw last year to the effect of, "I'm such a dumbass! I forgot to register for STEP! Does anybody have a ticket?" And I thought to myself: "*heehee* There's one more chance for me to get a ticket!" :mrgreen: I'm grateful to the dumbasses who increased my chances, but if you really want a ticket, don't be that dumbass. Also, each sale has a start time. Start times are not merely a suggestion, so make sure you know what time that is in your time zone.

---Try every avenue. Put it out on Facebook. Tell all your friends that you're looking for a ticket. Apply for low-income if there's any chance you'd qualify (there's no income cutoff and the selections seem to be almost random). Check the ticket board here and Reddit regularly (well, ok, check them obssessively---I got my ticket last year on Eplaya and for under face value, to boot!)

---Lots of people say that your best chance of getting a ticket is to get involved in the community, causing despair among those who live someplace where there isn't any Burner community or the nearest one is hours away. I'm sure that is one of the best ways to get a ticket, but it's not the only way. I got mine from a total stranger, who then wound up in my neighborhood and we became fast friends. Of course, knowing other Burners is logically going to make it easier, but it is definitely not the only way to get a ticket.

---Don't get so desperate that you fall for a scam. There are dozens of posts on here and Reddit about how to avoid scams. Read them. It's so easy to panic in April, but when people tell you that hundreds of tickets will come available in July and August, they're not kidding.

---Make as many plans as you reasonably can before you even get a ticket. I heard two contradictory pieces of advice last year: "Plan like you're going and a ticket will manifest" and "Don't start planning until you get a ticket." I split the difference. About half the stuff I needed, I would be able to use even if I didn't wind up going to Burning Man. I could reserve things like a trailer and lodging with the option to cancel without cost if I canceled early enough. I could schedule a tentative vacation at work and then change it if I didn't wind up going. So I knocked all those things out of the way early, and then once I got my ticket, all I had left to worry about were the things it would have been dumb to drop money on if I wasn't going to be able to go.

---Set your ticket money aside so that if a ticket becomes available, you can buy it. Most private sales will go to the first person who produces the money.

---Just as your normal hygiene standards are prone to deterioration on the playa, the amount you say you're willing to spend on a ticket is prone to increase over time. If there is ANY chance that you'll be willing and able to pay the higher amount....fuck it, just buy a pre-sale ticket and spare yourself all this. Most private sales are for pre-sale tickets anyway (because people buy them as insurance policies and then unload them as soon as they get a cheaper ticket---an astounding number of grandmas will die come August!) The ticket I got for under face-value last year was a pre-sale ticket***. It worked out great and I have no regrets, but if I were to do it again, I would just drop the pre-sale money from the get-go and be done with it. Just don't be a douche and later try to unload that pre-sale ticket if a cheaper option comes along later. Or at the very least, if you're going to be a douche, be an honest one. Don't make up a dead grandma as the reason you really wanted to go, but now find yourself needing to sell your pre-sale ticket. (The grandmas of those with main sale tickets have a much higher survival rate! :lol:

***The person I bought my ticket from last year, though it was a pre-sale, did not make up some bogus dead grandma. The person's story is not mine to share, but not all of those selling pre-sale tickets are douches.

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by WileE13 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:15 pm

My experiences buying tickets:

1st year was 2013. Logged on within seconds of the sale opening, sat ate lunch for an hour, then had to go back to work. Left the CPU running. When I got back on around 6 pm, I'd been disconnected. Logged back in, immediately was pushed into the ticket sale. For some reason, I could only buy 1.

2014 I had a girlfriend, we both logged on right away, she was offered a ticket within 5 minutes. I stayed on for 45 min before the sale ended and I wasn't able to get tickets (even though I logged on a minute or two before she did). Luckily, the GF got 2.

2015 Same story as 2014, only neither of us got tickets. It was a tough year financially, I was putting her through school, so we applied for low income. We were both accepted. That year, our group had trouble with vehicle passes. Luckily, the Low income program guaranteed a VP ticket to anyone who got an entrance ticket through LI. Since both the GF and I were in the same vehicle, we were able to pass the extra one on to others in the group who had entrance passes but no VP. Of course the drawback for them was they had to wait until Tuesday because that is when the will call opened for low income. At least we had no traffic.

2016 Was busy with work, lost track of time, didn't make it to the computer until the sale had been going for a half hour. No ticket. We didn't attend. We'd just started a business though so didn't really plan on going anyhow.

This year, I expect it will be even worse. I'm guessing the odds of getting a ticket this year will be about 1 in 5.

Others in our group have had the same experience. One couple paid the 1000 dollar price for a ticket off craigslist, which I hate because it encourages scalping, but that is the reality of it all.

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by ecoita » Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:38 am

Key word is community. Having good connections or being in a camp, large group or associate with other people going to BM.

2014 - I was able to buy 2 tickets in general sale with no issue (30 minute wait)

2015 - Didn't buy one but friend bought 2 - ended up passing it up due to other financial commitments. However, I ended up passing on about 4 ticket opportunities connecting them with other friends.

My experience in purchasing has been brief, but found its best to keep positive and prepare, prepare, prepare!
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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by trilobyte » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:32 am

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Re: How hard it is to buy the tickets ?

Post by mulch » Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:31 am

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There are places you can't say that you can always get overpriced tickets on Stubthing.
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