2017 Ticket Waiting Room??

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Re: It's.... The 2017 Main Sale Excitement & Congrats Thread!

Post by Chowski » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:50 pm


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Re: It's.... The 2017 Main Sale Excitement & Congrats Thread!

Post by Badger » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:11 pm

Painful reading here.
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Re: It's.... The 2017 Main Sale Excitement & Congrats Thread!

Post by Blue_Bike » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:29 pm

ActaBoy17+ wrote:So i'm left with the question as to whether i missed something or did something wrong OR there was some kind of glitch due to an overload of the system. Either way i will remain doggedly self reliant and pursue the STEP tickets and the next sale in mid-April.

Wanted to post this in case others may have had any similar experience. I am still SO into going this year!!

ActaBoy17, I had the similar experience of getting through the line and into to Ticket Fly's page to select # of tickets and vehicle pass if wanted to find none of each available and the message for each saying all available tickets (or passes) already in shopping carts. Of course my heart dropped. I did not notice any message telling me to wait and implying that I was in line for tickets that came back available from uncompleted sales. And the screen looked eerily devoid of life.

So I figured WTF? and hit the buy tickets button and the page instantly refreshed with one vehicle pass available! (More reinforcement for a predominately male theory I adhere to that if something looks like it should be working but doesn't, hit it! If that doesn't do it, hit it some more and or harder. This approach has worked for me many many times with mechanical type stuff, but usually I am hitting something with a big hammer and not a button on a computer. And of course for very good reasons I keep my hammers in the garage and my computers in the house.)

But by the time I had mentally processed the situation and hit the purchase button with the one vehicle pass only, it had already been snagged by someone else and back to the make purchase selection page with none showing as available. So being who I am I kept hitting the buy button (maybe 25 times) and yep, another vehicle pass only came available. (Even more reinforcement for the hit it approach for non-functioning items.) Knowing that VPs are harder to secure in the after-market than entry tickets I was ready to quickly select the one vehicle pass and hit the buy button and was able to purchase the pass without a ticket. Purchase was confirmed on Ticket Fly's screen and in Congrats email from BMOrg.

You might try what I did if you encounter the same situation in the future. BTW, on Trilo's advice I have emailed ticket support to confirm that the VP will not be voided and see if I am eligible to participate in future sales as I made a purchase in main sale but did not get a ticket. Seems I vaguely remember some issue or other about buying a vehicle pass without a corresponding ticket in past years, but I could be mistaken. Ticket support should get back to me in another day or so. Busy folks there at the moment. One way or another, I am planning to enjoy plenty of playa dust, fire, fellow burners, and art this year. Best of luck to you and never give up. As the playa provides, so does the universe. Manifest it!
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Re: It's.... The 2017 Main Sale Excitement & Congrats Thread!

Post by ActaBoy17+ » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:07 am

Well thanks Blue_Bike! Sounds like we had a similar experience with some varied results. I will try for the limited sale midApril and the STEP tix following that in July. I still hold out hope and, who knows, maybe we'll both end up on the Playa and run into each other!

Anyway- hope you get there and have a great time- and i hope i do too!



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