doe's DGS ticket purchace effect step program

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doe's DGS ticket purchace effect step program

Postby Paperman » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:48 am

Hi every one, Thought I'd just post this blog. Admins have been great help with other things , so thank you. But yet another dilema. I've been helping to build a Village for a few weeks and they have allocated(DGS) for early entry and ticket access through Ticket fly. Contact with the village has been for weeks with one person who is , to be frank, out of control and though seems to have a good heart doesn't seem to be able to answer any of my questions , but keeps making things more complex. I don't want to do my burn this way. So the question is: If i don't buy the allocated ticket or even if I've been offered the ticket , Does this take me out of the que in the step program. As I don't have a ticket yet . Also have a Beautiful sculpture Garden Camp( 30' x 30') and would be best to get there ahead of time to build it and to help build others too. Any ideas? Does this effect my ability to be in the OMG sale? Also ( in rabbit hole hell) I have 3 days to buy or not and Ticket fly will not except my card info and will not answer their phone after waiting 3 times on hold for 25mins plus. Undo stress , want to give my support to some one else for sure at this point. Any help to get me away from this insanity would be great. Good Luck , Paperman.

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