Lost (hopefully not stolen) Large 24x40 White Carport TOP

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Lost (hopefully not stolen) Large 24x40 White Carport TOP

Post by SparkleBanshee » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:10 pm


Our camp The Lost Boys had something taken or somehow misplaced off our spot at 8:15&G this year.
We were all torn down and ready for packing up when we left to go to see the temple burn. When we returned we found that our very large, very heavy white carport top that we had folded on our plot of land was GONE! It is only the top to a very large carport so our camp was confused as to where it could have gone. We asked our neighbors and they saw nothing. We are pretty confused and upset. But hoping it was all just a very strange mix up and that someone out there has it and is looking for the owners.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have any information or know about the whereabouts of this item we would be forever grateful. UNIVERSE PROVIDE FOR US AND BRING THIS HOME TO US

I'm posting this here now because I have exhausted every other resource to find this item. So fingers crossed and hopes are high.

Thank you !!

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