2018 tickets dollar numbers

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2018 tickets dollar numbers

Post by Elliot » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:56 pm

2018 ticket costs (all in USDollar)
Only change from last year seems to be that regular US shipping went up from $12.00 to $15.00.

Ticket = $425.00 each

Nevada Tax for Ticket – 9% of $425 = $o38.25 each ticket

Vehicle Pass = $o80.00

Processing/Service fee = $o12.00 per item

NV Tax for Service fee – 9% of $8.00 (of the $12.00) = $ooo.72 per item.

US Shipping USPS Signature Confirmation = $o15.00 per order

US shipping UPS 2nd Day Air = $o22.00 per order

Canada shipping CP Regular Parcel = $o29.00 per order

Canada shipping UPS Expedited = $o39.00 per order

Note: Will Call Fee is $ 15.00 – same as USPS shipping.

One “set” (two Tickets and one Vehicle Pass) with USPS shipping totals up thus:

$o ooo.72




I remain capable of misteaks, but I feel quite confident of these numbers.

Since different computers may display lines differently, here is the same info in the form of a screen shot:
2018 ticket costs screen shot.jpg
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