Delivery Ticket

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Delivery Ticket

Post by bonerhearder » Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:11 pm

Heyo! Hopefully I can get an educated answer here from someone who hasnt abandoned regular life to head up to the desert.

New to the forum, not new to Burning Man.

My question: I have a delivery being brought out on Wednesday. My delivery driver is going to buy the $990 6 hour pass to get in, make the delivery, then leave before the 6 hours is up. Can he deliver humans? I have two people that have tickets, and no VP and was wondering if they could ride through the gate with him? I guess it would be no different if they rode up with him then walked through the gate right? Wasn't sure if that was frowned upon. Any help would be much appreciated! See you all out in the dust!

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Re: Delivery Ticket

Post by Canoe » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:32 pm

You're not allowed to drop someone before Gate and they walk through.
Same as you can't leave someone in line for Will Call and you go ahead in with the vehicle and they walk-through.
If someone gets turned away, the vehicle that brought them (and everyone else who came in that vehicle) has to return them to Reno.
(unless they changed something that I didn't notice)

No idea if delivery driver would be allowed to take them in.
Would be nice as they'd be taken right to your camp.
Hopefully there's someone left who knows. Things they may want to know:
* Tickets in hand or Will Call?
* Going in the public gate or the commercial gate?

What will work is their getting a Rideshare ride from Reno, at Keystone Savemart or at Reno Airport's Air Playa Info.
Search for Rideshare information tips.
Probably a lot more fun too.
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