WANTED - 2 tickets (Aussies looking)

Looking for tickets/vehicle passes? Post about it here.
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WANTED - 2 tickets (Aussies looking)

Post by rjf84 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:28 pm

Hey Kids

I'm looking for two tickets and VP (myself & my best mate - two friendly Aussies) - paying face value and shipping to me in Australia (via Paypal) or change via Ticketfly.

This is our first burn, coming over from Australia (Sydney and Melbourne respectively); we won't be passive observers and won't be sitting on our butts!

Got up at 5am (Sydney time) to get ready for Main Sale and STEP, unfortunately missed out (did manage to get a VP, but purchase was cancelled due to not securing any tickets) :( Am aware of OMG however just putting this out to the universe now in the hopes something may come…

Already booked and paid for our RV, flights, bikes, accom pre/post. Feel like we're pretty aware and aligned with the principles.

We've applied to volunteer at the airport and for lamp lighting. If you're part of a camp that needs help with bartending or whatnot, we'd be happy to help.

My mate is very mechanically minded (got car problems on the playa?), grew up on a farm and used to be a scaffolder, which may be of some building/setup assistance; whereas I'm in procurement so could offer advice how to negotiate? lol…

Been talking about doing this for ages, decided this is the year we're doing it, and now we're in need of assistance from this beautiful community.

We'll shout you Vodka, JD, Vegemite (totes Aussie) and Tim Tams (again totes Aussie) on the playa!

Wholeheartedly appreciate any assistance.

Cheers! Xx

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