1 ticket needed- Bay Area

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1 ticket needed- Bay Area

Post by Mike_SmileZ » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:04 am

Hi there,

Do you believe in love?

Here’s my story.

My first burn was 2005, it was the year of my Saturn’s return and I had been trying to go for 6 years. My Mother had died a few years prior and I knew burning man would be where I could finally grieve her loss and come to terms with it.

2006- moved out of a bad relationship

2007 returned to Burning man as a cocky second year burner. Everything broke I touched. The girl I went with and I have a meltdown. #ithappens

2008 I take my new girlfriend to her first burn. She loves it and we didn’t have a relationship meltdown. She goes with me every year after.

Fast forward to 2010. We get engaged on Thursday at Burning Man. Decide to get married the next year Thursday at Burning Man. Not too long after this being announced we get the news that next year’s Burnng Man theme will be Rite of Passage.

Wow! Way to be on theme!

2011 we get martried at 4:20 on Thursday at the temple. We dress in rainbows, and our guest all wear white. (Our first date was at a White Party in NYC)

2012 we dodge a bullet as that year’s theme was Fertility 2.0 and we remain childless.

Fast forward to 2017, having gone to the Burn every year since we got together. We decide to skip a year to see the solar eclipse.

From the end of the 2016 burn to present we have sadly had to deal with the loss of 12 friends from nyc and the Bay who have passed on to the next realm.

Consumed by loss daily life has been hard for me. I was able to find a ticket for my wife and a parking pass. But the ticket for me has remained elusive.

We can’t go for our normal 11 days in the desert, so this year we will go up for Thursday to celebrate our Love until Sunday to mourn our friends.

I am not asking for a hand out. I am happy to pay up to $500 for a ticket, which should include any fees you have incurred.

Can you please help?

Thank you for reading.

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