Help me with this year's Playa Puzzle!

Building an art installation or mutant vehicle? Planning to perform? Building a stage or performance space? Talk about your 2018 playa projects here.
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Help me with this year's Playa Puzzle!

Post by Fade Monkey » Tue May 08, 2018 9:45 am

Hey all!

For the past couple of years, I've been handing out a puzzle for people to solve at Burning Man. The puzzles are kind of elaborate rube-goldbergian things that have participants running all over Black Rock City to do things, participate, and collect information. Last year, there were several stops along the way to solving the puzzle including Playa Info, Center Camp, the Artery, and about 15 art installations. I'm starting to develop this year's puzzle and I need your help!

If you are an on-playa artist or member of a large camp, I could use a couple of facts about your camp or art that are guaranteed to be correct at the burn. I'm not asking for puzzling questions and answers about your art or camp - but just facts that I can morph into puzzle answers.

Here's some *examples*:
  • My art installation is a series of bus stops themed after famous AI. The bench named "HAL" will be painted BLUE.
  • My camp is named Sexophone Soloists and our Pillow Palace is a giant hammock.
  • There will be an art piece at 6:30 and I. If you press the leftmost square button 4 times, the installation will fart.
  • At the Carnival Creatures camp, there is a SMURF sticker on the 30 pound mark at the "guess your weight" station.
Send me a private message with something like this about your art or camp and I'll do my best to include you in this year's puzzle!

Fade Monkey


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