Seeking an art car to host our wedding

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Seeking an art car to host our wedding

Post by ellendong » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:04 pm

Hi Burner friend,

My name is Ellen, and I am looking for an art car to host our wedding ceremony for one night (like 2-3 hours) this year.

Here is some background for our wedding. Both my boyfriend and I came from China and live in the US for several years. Wedding in China is a ceremony for two families and parents. Majority of guests are parents' friends that we don't even know of. So we are really hoping to have a wedding that is just for us, around the nature and art where we can truly enjoy ourselves and have fun!

I was wondering if any art car is interested in hosting our wedding. Basically you will bring the wedding group to the deep playa for a ceremony and we will have a follow up dance party. Both are open to everyone.

We are happy to provide any help and gifts as our thanks :)



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