People Seeking Camps 2018

Theme camps and villages are the interactive core of Burning Man. This is the place to announce and discuss camp and village plans for Burning Man 2018.
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People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by trilobyte » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:05 pm

For those who are new to the community and not sure how to proceed, I strongly suggest that you take the initiative and try to find your own camp. We all understand that getting to Burning Man, especially in that very first year, can be really hard. When you read about Burning Man and the Ten Principles, one of them is radical self reliance. Sure, there are lots of ways to read or interpret that, but in a nutshell you will call upon yourself to figure out a lot of ridiculous stuff ("the rainbow tutu, or the bee costume?") and do more than you might have ever thought you could. You might have already hit that milestone - but out of all the crazy stuff you have to figure out for Burning Man, figuring out your camp isn't that hard. You have three basic options:
  1. You can camp by yourself! You all by yourself, or you and your group of however many friends, can go camping and survive and have a great Burning Man experience. Thousands of burners do just that every year, and they have an amazing burn.
  2. You can start your own camp! It doesn't have to be a theme camp, or your theme could be any shared interest ("Naked Margarita Camp" is just one of a billion ideas to choose from). Sure, some camps work all year to build their stuff, but you can come up with an idea in no time and invite other like-minded people to join you.
  3. You can join somebody else's camp! The best reason to join another camp is because 'holy crap they sound awesome and I want to be a part of that!' but you may also have reservations about doing #1 or #2. If it's your first time out there, one of the best ways to learn about doing things is to join another camp and get involved and learn from them...or any number of other totally valid reasons. So don't feel bad about having a strong desire to be part of a larger group.
If you're looking at joining a camp, there are two main ways to go about it. The radically self reliant approach would be to take a look at the camps out there and find something that resonates with you, and then reach out to that group. You're going to find information about camps in two main places. First is the message board you're on right now... ePlaya. Early in the season the pickings may seem pretty slim, but as camps start to figure out what they're planning for 2018 they'll start posting about it. Look through the threads, and if something jumps out at you as cool, exciting, or fun... then post a reply. Or better yet, click on the PM button next to the thread starter's message to send them a private message. At this late stage of the game, many camps and camp leaders aren't checking the boards that regularly, so sending a private message to express your interest sends them a notification, an typically gets a faster response. The other place to find a list of camps is the partial list of 2017 theme camps. It has a list of all the camps who filled out placement questionnaires and chose to make their information public. Holy crap, that list is huge, and it's exhaustive to read it all, but it's also a lot of fun to see what people build and bring to Burning Man. Sometime in May/June a similar list will likely be posted for the 2018 event, but last year's list can be a good place to start. Find something interesting, then fire up an internet search engine and find that camp. Many have web sites or Facebook pages or some kind of internet presence. If they don't, that's probably a strong sign that they're not recruiting for new members anyways - but if you can find them you can reach out to ask. Tell them how you discovered them, and why you're interested and ask if they're planning to return in 2017 and would be willing to consider having you join. Speaking personally as a person who organizes a camp, a camp leader is more likely to be moved by someone with a genuine interest rather than a generic post.

Failing the above, yeah you can post a 'Seeking Camp' post, but to some it suggest that you may be lacking in initiative or radical self reliance... which is probably not your intention. It is understandable though - you may be new, or your plans may have fallen through, or it all just seems too overwhelming. Take a moment, maybe even two, a couple deep breaths, and go. You can do this.

Mod Note: anyone feeling the need to post their own plea in hopes of a camp seeking them out and adopting them... should post it here. Camps that would like to respond to posters in this board should do so by using the private message or email button under the poster's name - don't post camp adverts or responses here as they will be removed.

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by Fivetypinggfd » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:06 pm

HEY YALL. I'm LOOKing for Camp Questionmark?

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by Ratty » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:02 am

It takes 5 seconds to type it into FB. viola! There they are. (You weren't LOOKing very hard were you?)
Pictures or it didn't happen Greycoyote
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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by YngSazega » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:01 am

Hello ,
I'm a yung burner from belgium , i would like to go to burning man in 2018 or 2019 ,
I dont know how to go to Black Rock Nevada from San Francisco (I come with plane).
Bus ? Train? carpooling?
I looking for a contact.
Thanks :D

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by Meat Hunter » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:42 am


Did you think of searching the Burning Man website to answer your transportation question? ... e-and-back

Suggestion: Did you know that there is a Burning Man Regional Group located in Belgium?

You might wish to contact them and get involved.

If you are every going to make it to Burning Man from Belgium, you are going to have to be a little more self-sufficient or you will never make it.

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Monkey and dragon looking to join theme camp 2018

Post by noramoobal » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:04 pm

Hi there,

Looking to join a camp for 2018. We already bought our plane tickets and are: Mother and daughter from Australia-Netherlands, turning 18 and 50 this year, burner virgins and looking to celebrate our milestones on the playa in 2018. Cheers!

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Re: Monkey and dragon looking to join theme camp 2018

Post by lucky420 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:05 pm

Hola and hello...

Read survivors first timers guide and then read it again :) . Stick around here and talk with us, get to know the different members here, let us get to know you.

It’s a lil slow right now but before long theme camps will put out the call for new members and such.

Reddit has good info/convo too
Oh my god, it's HUGE!

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Re: Monkey and dragon looking to join theme camp 2018

Post by Papa Bear » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:31 pm

Welcome! Reading the Survival and First Timer's guides is definitely job #1.

Do you have any particular reason for wanting to join a theme camp? First-timers often seem to get the idea that they have to find a camp, but that's not at all true. The two of you can absolutely show up and camp by yourselves, and for many people (first time or not) that's actually the better option.

If it's community you're looking for, you'll quickly make friends with your neighbors - and not being obligated to stay back and help run the camp gives you much more freedom and time to explore the city, make new friends, have new experiences, and go wherever your intuition takes you.

If you really do want to join a theme camp, then once you've done the mandatory survival/first timer's guide reading, go browse through last year's list of theme camps - many of them are likely to be returning. Since the whole purpose of a theme camp is to provide some kind of interactive gift to the rest of the city, what you want to do is find where the gift being given resonates with you. If you're going to be taking on that obligation, you want it to be a labor of love rather than a tedious chore.

Be aware, though - even if you're part of a camp, you still need to make sure you bring what you need to survive on your own.

Sure, some camps have great shared infrastructure, and even group meal plans. Even so, there are any number of ways even a long-standing, well-respected camp can suddenly go completely pear-shaped. Maybe the truck carrying critical equipment gets in an accident en route, or can't get in because a rainstorm or brush fire has closed off entry. Maybe someone leaves the tap on the drinking water tank open all night, or a generator failure takes out the refrigeration the camp was planning on for shared meals. Maybe a sudden windstorm during build shreds the shade, or the camp leads have a major falling out and the camp fractures into factions that don't get along.

In other words, all of those things a camp might band together to do can be wonderful when they work, but you really need to be able to take care of yourselves independently in the event they don't.

Be especially wary of camps that actively advertise all of their various shared amenities (or location in the city) in an effort to attract dues-paying members. If a camp seems more interested in selling you on how great they are and collecting your dues, and less interested in what kind of skills and/or work ethic you'll be contributing to the operation of the camp, that's a huge red flag. While some may be legit, some definitely are not - and the latter can range anywhere from well-meaning camp leaders who lack the required organizational skills to pull off a big camp to flat out scam artists who will happily take your money, deliver none of what they promise, and try to make your life hell when you complain about it.

That all probably sounds like I'm anti-theme-camp, but that's really not the case. In fact, of the seven burns I've attended since '03, there has only been one where I *wasn't* part of a placed theme camp (and it wasn't my first year), and I've been fortunate in that they've all been good experiences. I just don't want to see anyone join a camp because they think they have to, or join one that isn't a good fit just because it had openings - and especially not first-timers coming all the way from overseas.

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Re: Monkey and dragon looking to join theme camp 2018

Post by AntiM » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:32 am

noramoobal wrote:Hi there,

Looking to join a camp for 2018. We already bought our plane tickets and are: Mother and daughter from Australia-Netherlands, turning 18 and 50 this year, burner virgins and looking to celebrate our milestones on the playa in 2018. Cheers!
Moderator note: I moved this to People Seeking Camps, as that was right in your topic title. Do return to Greeter's Station for an introduction and chat. And Happy Birthdays!

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by capnjonny » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:35 pm

2018 is here and I am already planning for this years burn . I am looking for a new camp so am putting it out there early . If anyone out there Is looking for someone like me to be a part of their crew please read on:

Greetings Fellow Burners
Cap’n Jonny here.
I am a South Bay (Saratoga) resident planning my 3rd voyage into the unknown this year and am looking for a new base of operations.
For the past 2 years I worked as a bicycle repair man with NoseFish . This year I am looking for something different.
I am a 70 yr. young ex Carpenter, building contractor, cabinet maker, construction superintendent, teacher, and currently bicycle repair man with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange.
I camp in a 1965 Shasta Compact Trailer on which I did a frame up restoration with a custom interior.
I am completely self sufficient with a 40 watt solar panel and 18 Gal. of fresh water onboard along with all the tools and supplies I can carry to Mc Giver any emergencies that might come up. I am retired and my time is my own and I like getting to the event as early as possible. I want to participate in set up and tear down before and after Event week and can bring tools with me to assist where ever needed.
If you are looking for someone like me to help with your camp set up and who will be a willing participant in the ongoing camp operation contact me at and let me know what your needs are.
My mantra is not what can you do for me,
it is “ how may I assist you!”
I am building a small art installation called “Ralph’s Robot Reckers” which I would like to install at the campsite . It consists of a male mannequin torso in a gold unitard with robot glasses and a twinkling positronic brain sitting in a small (4’ x 4’) kiosk adorned with robot masks, body parts, and techno trash. I am hoping to animate the torso, minimally to have him rotate back and forth (old school mech) but hopefully, if I can find someone with robotic / computer skills to have him talk and provide a timed light show. I have 2 recently acquired 100 watt solar panels . My thinking is to have one mounted as an awning over the kiosk which would provide power for lights and motion.
If amyone reading this would like to help me out please contact me.

Cap’n Jonny

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by torrey.smith » Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:13 pm

capnjonny wrote:2018 is here and I am already planning for this years burn . I am looking for a new camp so am putting it out there early . If anyone out there Is looking for someone like me to be a part of their crew please read on:
Cap'n Jonny is mine. Y'all other TCO's can back right off!

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Ready to help a camp!

Post by radadada » Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:15 am

Greetings my lovely playa bunnies! I'm looking to head back to the playa for the first time in 10 years! :mrgreen: Things have changed... including the camp I was a part of in '07 & '08. I'm also looking to enlighten my new husband with the magical experience that is Burning Man! As there is no better way to experience the wonder than by being a part of a theme camp, we are looking for a new home and are ready to start helping! We live in San Francisco so message me if you think we can be a fit in your world! Thank you for considering us! :D :P :D :P
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Looking for a camp

Post by Wolfman » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:33 am

Hey groovy ppl,
I am a male videogame Producer from London, virgin, bought my ticket, rented an RV, in search of a chill camp to join! Happy to help out I can serve drinks, yoga, no pole dancing fortunately(!). Would love to be part of a community of like minded crazies.

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by rizzaka » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:20 pm

Hi Im Rizwan from Pakistan and camped with the Portside Locos last year (my first time) which was amazing. They've become family. The only thing is its tough for me to buy and lug stuff all the way there. Was wondering if can find camps or if anyone can help with camps that can provide basic stuff that i don't have to carry and take back. Did that last time and had to donate it all on the way back (don't have that kind of money to keep buying and donating stuff). Help would be appreciated as looking forward to making it again this year, slightly convenient. Happy to help around camp and help with building camp and tear down.

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Re: Looking for a camp

Post by PacoAleman » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:01 pm

Wolfman wrote:Hey groovy ppl,
I am a male videogame Producer from London, virgin, bought my ticket, rented an RV, in search of a chill camp to join! Happy to help out I can serve drinks, yoga, no pole dancing fortunately(!). Would love to be part of a community of like minded crazies.
Video Gamer Fan here! LOL , What dates are you coming, do you have any camp yet?

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Ready to Join!!

Post by brokenhangers » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:07 am

My friend and I are virgin burners ready to join a lively camp and work hard! We are traveling from Atlanta, Georgia and would love to participate in making a great camp even better! We will be tent camping and self sufficient, but access to a shower would be rad! Any tips/suggestions?

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by Vongolazzi » Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:54 pm

Y E S ! Seeking for a spot in some camp. 2 italians first timers, one living in Toronto and the other from Turin. We are super excited but little bit worried about so many things to prepare! Wishing to find someone can guide us and helping each others. One Yoga teacher and two great chefs.

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by BAKS » Fri May 04, 2018 5:48 pm

Hello everyone, I'm Sergey. I'm from Russia and i'll be first time burner. I'm active and communicable person and i seeking for a spot in camp. I wish to be a part of burning man event and participate in camp life, I can help with cooking, fixing, and build. Will be glad for response. Good luck to everyone.

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by JMS » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:55 pm

Hey burners..
Im a virgin burner flying in from India..
Im looking for a camp to join where i can participate and not just pay the dues for a space to setup my tent...
Also, if there would be an option of sharing an RV and splitting would be ideal...
I can help with all sort of work and assist with a quick learner and dont back down..
a little worried about my first time...but super excited...

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Re: People Seeking Camps 2018

Post by jdcrunchman » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:31 pm


I'm senior citizen, 73 yrs of age, partially disabled, but I can walk and ride a bike. I'm looking for camp that is kind to elders. Some of my restrictions include - I cannot sleep on the ground. Difficult to get into a tent. Prefer to sleep on elevated platform like a cot. I cannot get on my feet if I fall down, looking for a trike I can rent or use, but can ride a bike. Using the bike, if I fall, I can get up using the bike for support.

I'm looking for an elderly camp, hopefully not far from Center camp. Still working on getting a ticket. I will be flying into the Playa. Plan to bring only the essentials. Is there an online guide to the camps with contact information?

Contact me: - please mention "ePlaya" in the message subject. Might have room for one more person in the plane. The plane ride would be free if that someone can find me a camp.

I'm "Old School" burner after 13 "Burns", recovering from a spinal fusion surgery. Need special assistance.

My departure city is Las Vegas.

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