Looking for the right skilled-trades burners for a truly one-of-a-kind camp, the Flint Fix-It Fort...

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Camp Name: The Flint Fix-It Fort

Looking for the right skilled-trades burners for a truly one-of-a-kind camp, the Flint Fix-It Fort...

Post by AddamsonFlint » Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:38 pm

Hello fellow burners!

I am heading to Burning Man this year and going to build a theme camp for the first time, the Flint Fix-It Fort! I have a small crew currently but am looking for a select few additions that might want to be part of this camp and might like to help make it happen.

An ideal candidate would be someone with prior camp building experience and/or a quality background in trades skills. However, anyone with a decent technical aptitude would be able to make a quality contribution to the cause.

Please read the details below if interested, and if you think this might be you, hit me back!

My theme is going to be a unique and hopefully very useful resource to give back this year. With 75,000 plus people partying in the middle of the desert for the week, I think it's safe to say...that shit's gonna break. And as Murphy's Law goes, I'm sure there will be things that break which simple hand tools and a toolbox might not be able to fix. Big things, important things lol. Things that when they break, one will say-"Shit, how the hell are we going to fix this in the middle of the desert?!"

The Flint Fix-It Fort, that's how! Basically, I am going to bring a full machine shop to the Playa. I am going to load up and haul out all of those crazy maniacal tools that you would never plan on having in the desert. Power tools, air tools, welders and grinders, cutters and presses, and naturally plenty of work benches. I am planning on manning the camp for a couple hour blocks a day, and as needed for any emergency assistance. The first couple days, something like 12-4pm And 7-9pm. The second half of the week, probably just the 12-4pm slot.

In addition to the machine shop, I am going to plumb a full PEX water system, feeding a kitchen and shower set up, complete with hot and cold water. I'm going to erect a simple water tower, which will create basic water pressure. I will also have a mini power grid, and possibly a satellite uplink for data. I will also have several propane and wood fired heat sources. And since I'm bringing all that, I thought I might as well throw a porta-john on the trailer, to have our own private bathroom. Lastly, I'm going to cap the setup off with a 40ft back-lit flag pole with the camp flag clapping proudly in the wind. It will visible from anywhere on the playa.

Feel free to PM me or reply to this post. Also feel free to share this post on any other forums on other platforms like Facebook and/or others you might think it would be helpful. And hope to see you at the end of the summer out on the playa!


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Re: Looking for the right skilled-trades burners for a truly one-of-a-kind camp, the Flint Fix-It Fort...

Post by motskyroonmatick » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:43 pm

Burners are really appreciative of repair camps. If you do this you will save/make many a burners burn and that's a really great gift.

I am mayor of a repair camp so I am not looking to join up but I have a few recommendations.

Bring an extra of every breakable vital tool you bring. 2 is 1 and 1 is none approach. Tire inflators and Chain Breakers would be an example of tools that can wear out or break and are really handy to have functioning.

Have a well organized self repair area where people can tackle simple repairs and bike repairs them selves.

Have a continuous impervious floor covering under your entire work area.

Post your hours.

Shade that you work under needs to be the best shade and the most sturdy. You don't want to worry about your shop shade when a big wind storm hits your camp.

Bring things to make the work easier for you and your campmates. Work benches is a great idea. Stools to sit on and bike stands can make life easier and keep your crew from getting overly worn out.

Have easy access to food and drink. It's easy to get caught up doing repairs for hours and neglect your hydration or need to eat. Take care of your crew first.

Learn the location of other repair camps and suggest them when you get a long line where people are having to wait a half hour to be helped.

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Re: Looking for the right skilled-trades burners for a truly one-of-a-kind camp, the Flint Fix-It Fort...

Post by nkrober » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:20 pm

THANKS to all Repair camps. Y'all rock!

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Re: Looking for the right skilled-trades burners for a truly one-of-a-kind camp, the Flint Fix-It Fort...

Post by Token » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:13 am

And you gotta have a chest freezer with several trays of specially marked distilled water ice cubes...

... just in case someone brings a cask strength single malt or a 25 year old aged rum while evil genius repairs are being done.

Also, a good Rye whiskey ... makes for smooth sipping.

Take great care with calloused hands, fingers and cuticles. That corrosive thing that will funk up your truck and gooseneck, does a nasty number on fingers. It’s a very effective desiccant that will painfully crack the skin. Lots of creams and salves.

I recommend Man and Beast or Bag Balm as the golden standard.


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