Veteran camp builder input, for this hardcore deep questionnaire

Theme camps and villages are the interactive core of Burning Man. This is the place to announce and discuss camp and village plans for Burning Man 2018.
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Veteran camp builder input, for this hardcore deep questionnaire

Post by AddamsonFlint » Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:49 am

Wow is this is a potently thorough questionnaire- my hat's off to whoever at Burning Man wrote it. 

I am a first-time Camp Builder and am struggling a bit with what is the best placement for me. My theme is going to be an all-purpose machine shop. I don't want to be out in bufu nowhere land, but don't need to be in the center of 24/7 action either. I would like to sleep at some point, ya know.

I will be bringing a fair amount of equipment, so air patterns would be helpful to factor in, for dust. I have found threads of people posting the air patterns for prior years, but nothing current that shows this year's placement.

I am going to post the questionnaire page for location below. Read it if you like, but any input would be appreciated.



Choose your preferred location and camp size:

In Black Rock City, AVENUES are the straight, radial streets from the Man, named to follow the clock face. STREETS are curved and concentric to the Man, and are named in alphabetical order, starting with "A" Street behind Esplanade and progressing away from the Man.

Placement of registered camps ends when the gate opens, and we cannot hold your space after that time.

6:00 Center Camp Plaza, Rod’s Road and Inner Plaza

24-hour interactivity, but quieter at night time
Activities and Events for all ages
Visually interesting and Event Theme-related is a plus
Demonstrating Burner ethos
Located within the city limits, so may not produce loud sound that exceeds 90dbs at 20ft

The Esplanade and Portals at 3:00 and 9:00
These major pedestrian areas are at the front of the city and face the Man. These areas are reserved for camps having:
24-hour interactivity
Playa-frontage components that are interesting and well-lit, as in a completely conceived visual scheme
Potential for Art Installations up to 100ft deep across the Esplanade
Activities and Events everyday, for all ages, at least one or more either all day, or most of the evening
Located within the city limits, so may not produce loud sound that exceeds 90dbs at 20ft

Avenues: 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30 and 9:00
These high visibility and high traffic locations on the radial streets are best suited for camps with:
Fun interactivity who do not need/want Esplanade frontage
Visually interesting and well lit frontage
Located within the city limits, so may not produce loud sound that exceeds 90dbs at 20ft

Plazas: 3:00 and 9:00 between A and C and between F and H
This is the place for highly interactive & service oriented camps placed to create mini civic areas.

Plazas: 4:30 and 7:30 between F and H
These plazas are further back, and camps placed here serve to anchor these interactive avenues as destination points.

Plaza: 6:00 between H and J
This plaza is further back, and camps placed here serve to anchor the 6:00 sector by providing an engaging destination point.

Large Scale Sound Art: 2:00 and 10:00

This area is reserved for camps with large sound systems. Camps exceeding the sound limitation of 300 dbs at 20 feet must be placed on the 2:00 or 10:00 Avenues and speakers are required to face directly out to the open playa. No exceptions.
Unless you are camped in this area, your camp may not produce sound that exceeds 90 db at 20ft.
Potential for Art Installations up to 100ft deep across the 2:00 or 10:00 Avenues.

Location Options

Requested Sector: Theme Camps and Villages *

You must choose and rank three sectors. We will try to place you in your 1st choice or 2nd choice, but this is not always possible.
1 2 3

Requested Street Type *

Choose and rank your prefered street type. We will try to give you your first choice, but it helps us to know what else you are interested in.

1 2 3
Portals (or Center Camp, if you chose 6:00 Sector)
Plazas (or Rod's Road, if you chose 6:00 Sector)
Large Theme Camps/Villages
This question is required. Save and continue if you need to return at another time.

Sector vs Street Choice *
If you had to choose, which of your requests is most important to your camp?

For example, if you chose 3:00 as your first choice sector, and the Esplanade as your first choice street type, is it more important to be in the 3:00 Sector, or to be on the Esplanade?

First choice sector
First choice street type
Neither, we’re happy anywhere

You indicated that you will have 7 to 12 campers. This means you will get up to 5000 square feet or 50 x 100.

Do you agree with this amount of space and these camp dimensions? *

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Re: Veteran camp builder input, for this hardcore deep questionnaire

Post by some seeing eye » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:27 pm

The city moves just slightly each year. It does not move enough to change the Black Rock City prevailing winds you can find by an image search.

If you locate out toward walk in camping you are on the way to the airport, and in the best wind situation.

You could talk to other fixit camps and see if you want to be close to them or far from them. There is at least one on ePlaya and it should not be too hard to network by private messages.

You know about the big sound camps. There are some daytime music camps in the interior of the city with large sound too. The music camps are listed in last year's Rock Star Librarian's music list.

The high resolution MOOP map from 2017 has a lot of clues to camp arrangements.

There are also several bike repair camps who might have suggestions. There is also a large sound vehicle docking station at 10 & L which could become a go to spot for other MVs needing repairs, but it will be loud there.

Promoting yourself might be more important than placement, via the What When There database which is used by on-playa apps, the Artery, the MV team, DPW, First Camp, LEO/BLM/depot departments, GPE, the Man Team, Mobility Camp, the Temple Team, Airport, BMIR, and most importantly to share resources, other fixit camps.
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