First time to burning man.. Where do I start?

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First time to burning man.. Where do I start?

Post by remimarcelle » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:35 pm

Hey everyone,

Looking to come this year and stay in a theme camp maybe with my partner.

Thinking about renting a pickup truck and bringing a tent to sleep in.

Not sure where to start really, but I've seen some guides so will start looking through those properly.

We know we have to make sure we have basic amenities in check but in regards to setting up camp we're not really sure where to start.

Any advice would be great

Lots of love

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Re: First time to burning man.. Where do I start?

Post by burner von braun » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:57 pm

Welcome to eplaya remimarcelle!

Yep, a great place to start would be the Survival Guide and First Timers Guide. Once that sinks in, there are tons of additional sources of info both here and on the Burning Man website to help you begin to shape and build your burn plan. The prep becomes less like homework and more like something exciting and fun that you're doing as you invest more effort into it.

Meanwhile, stop by the Greeter's Station section here, introduce yourself, and tell us a bit more about you when you get a chance.

Camping in a Theme Camp is great, but so also is rising to the challenge of camping on your own and thriving entirely by your own means. Both are rewarding experiences.

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Re: First time to burning man.. Where do I start?

Post by some seeing eye » Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:08 pm

As Von Braun says, go to here viewforum.php?f=95 and make a post. You can include things about why you want to go, where you live, your creative projects or even skills. You may even find people from your city. And there are a bunch of to read things at the top.

Then find the nearest city on Under each city will be contact info, websites, facebook groups, happy hours, picnics and regional camp out burns - like the big burn without dust.

From that, meet people in person. They are good resources for answering questions face to face. And it's always nice to have face to face friends at the burn. Reach out on your own socials to people you already know and see if they go to the burn.

Start a packing list - search on the Internet then start customizing one you find. It's a wilderness campout and you have to bring a lot of stuff to survive, just like climbing Everest!

Eplaya has a lot of experienced burners. What we like is someone who does their research. Like "I read the x, y, z docs end to end on the top of the greeters page, and I searched eplaya using google, and i still could not find the answer to this _." We might be snippy if the answer is really in those places and the questioner just thinks, "I'll just ask the the Internet because it's easier."
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Re: First time to burning man.. Where do I start?

Post by BBadger » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:42 pm

You did also get your tickets right?
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Re: First time to burning man.. Where do I start?

Post by Lonesomebri » Tue May 01, 2018 12:36 am

Don't sweat joining a camp. There is plenty of time for that.

Do you have tickets? You are golden.

The most obvious camps will be trying to round up members in the coming months. The gig is, though, it's a math problem, what you are bringing to the event, added to what you need from a camp? People who bring it all don't need a camp at all. Camps who really want you, might be balancing books. You will be surrounded by activities no matter if you are in a camp or not. Ha, find a camp you love, just go there to their plot and squat for the week, blend in to the weirdos.

A lot of camps charge dues. Ha, that's the purpose of some camps. Dues, set prices for a service. Barter is taboo, but $$$ to a non profit is righteous. My lame camp doesn't charge dues because we offer nothing. Well, abuse.... What can you do for me? But some people need a dusty shared solar "shower" set up by another, wet sheets hanging around a pvc wack coffin shaped rectangle, shared by 50 other camp mates lined up at dusk holding their towels, again, this is math, 50 camp-mates, 5 minutes showers.... and 8 hr kitchen duties to keep em busy, or an in-house dj to compete with the dj next door, some people are social (above all, I don't get that), so joining a camp is very important. But not necessary.

Do you have tickets? Can you, relying on you, camp out in the desert, sleeping in dust? Can you use a porto pottie for a week? Can you substitute baby wipes for a shower. You are golden.

Seriously, if you are not a burden, a beneficial addition to a camp, you will find a place in a big camp charging reasonable (Don't judas me) dues, no problem.

Don't try to figure out every detail of your Burn before it happens, You will have plenty of time to wonder about it all after...
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