International Ranger looking to be adopted by creative camp

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International Ranger looking to be adopted by creative camp

Post by robin_goblin » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:22 am

Hiya ePlaya

I'm heading over from Qatar in the Middle East for my 4th Burn at BRC this year; I'm finally all ticketed up, flights booked and signed up for shifts! So I'm looking for a cool creative camp to join and participate with. Here goes with the getting to know you...
Yes, I am an (albeit relatively shiny) International Ranger...this will be my second year as a Black Rock Ranger, and I've been doing so at Afrikaburn as well. I'm all signed up for my 40+ hours shifts in the clubhouse, but that doesn't mean I won't have time or energy to contribute and participate in camp life at all, no no not by a long shot.
My 3 previous trips to BRC were spent with Quixotes Caberet Club and Bar, who alas are not attending as such this year...for two years I was there electrical and sound/ light lead; I'm a sound designer and sound engineer by trade so it just seemed natural, even though US electrics are just errrr weird to a Brit. Oh yeah I'm from London.
My plan is to get a 4m Bell Tent delivered to Reno and drive on out on Saturday (I have a work access pass).
I'm looking for a relatively experienced and together camp to join, the more creative and outgoing the better, we only get a week on playa each year and every second counts afaic. I like wine, but can also offer yoga sessions and bad taste humour. Music technology and sound is my happy cave.
In Qatar we are aligned with a group in UAE and have slowly been building awareness around Principled events, and this year we had our first (covert) Burn Sculpture in honor of Larry, the rather glorious if diminutive Flaming Flamingo...there will be more; the design is legit! One pallet= one flamingo. I'd be well up for making a flock for the playa if I can get help sourcing the pallets and getting em on site (besides some nails and paint, the tools I used are a saw and a hammer ffs!)
OK ok ok ok getting a bit tl; sum up...anyone wanna adopt an international BRC Ranger to their fun camp at short notice?


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Re: International Ranger looking to be adopted by creative camp

Post by digdugdude » Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:48 am

Hey check out my post in this forum about planet earth take a read and shoot me a message if your interested we would love to have you!

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Re: International Ranger looking to be adopted by creative camp

Post by torrey.smith » Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:00 am

Sextant is looking for people with interest in sound.

We're on the verge of a breakthrough into making high fidelity sound with our giant Tesla Coil.

It's currently limited to a very harsh MIDI sound, bit what comes next could be very fun with the right team.

A fair number of us have been to Afrikaburn and Midburn, and there is a significant cultural exchange between Sextant at Burning Man and our sister camps far away :D


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