Looking share a ride from San Francisco to Black Rock city

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Looking share a ride from San Francisco to Black Rock city

Post by Tapemaster » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:38 am

Greetings everyone !

I am flying in to San Francisco from London arriving on Aug 24 . But from Black Rock, I am catching a ride down to Los Angeles. Here is my ideal masterplan...

Can a lovely Burner offer me a one-way ride from SF to BRC on Sunday August 26 (but I have a lot of stuff, so ideally I am looking for a solo rider who has lots of rooms (3 big bags + supplies to pick up on the way)
Of course we'd discuss costs and such !

Otherwise.... I have an alternate unique ( I think, lol) idea for someone interested in sharing but looking to minimise costs …

1) I'd/We'd get a rental car from San Francisco; looking for someone clean/sober/no bad driving record who can drive the car, or share the driving with me, from San Francisco to Black Rock City to arrive on Sunday August 26

2) In Black Rock I would keep the car at my camp, and if the sharer needs I can keep stuff , anything needed safely stored in the car for them during burning man (I'm using the car to keep certain things safe, protected etc)
I would do all the anti-dust taping and protecting to minimise the dust/ dirt on the car, I'm damn good at that , lol

3) Then I will need the sharer to drive the car back to San Francisco and return it safely and clean, because I will catch a ride from BRC to LA with friends on Monday early morning September 3rd. We could get organised around getting the car cleaned right away once outside of BRC but timings would need to work, i,.e. all leave together.

I know option 2 is complicated... but if someone is looking to lower their costs, can drive, is flexible and could use a storage solution at BRC.... this could not be too bad !

Looking forward to meeting my share-mate

Lots of love

Julie aka Tapemaster


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