Pizza on the playa fundraiser 2017

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Pizza on the playa fundraiser 2017

Post by koolzmad » Wed Mar 29, 2017 4:58 pm

Giving this a nudge over to fundraisers.... Moderator, Sham....

Hey guys 2017 is my year of return to the playa, and I want to return with a bang. I have a project I want to get built to bring something besides myself to burning man, and this project is exactly what the title says I will be building an easily assembled and disassembled fire cooked pizza over that I will setup on the playa and have pizza party events durring this years burning man celebrations! If you would like to help me make this dream a reality please see my gofundme page and share with your burner friends, I will be looking forward to seeing everyone at the burn, with the pizza oven or without it. But I think the pizza oven will make things better :)

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Re: Pizza on the playa 2017

Post by trilobyte » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:08 pm

Welcome to ePlaya! Although it's unfortunate that your first participation in the community is to ask us to pay for your gifting, we're glad you can make it and hope things go well. My camp's still scrambling to figure out the details of what we're planning to do (as well as how to pay for it), so I can't commit, but as someone who's been gifting food (including pizza) at the event since 2011, it's always nice to see someone else giving it a go.

You should know that you're going to need to go through the NV health department's process to obtain a food permit for this year's event. I've never tried doing a mobile kitchen but you should check out the resources on their site so you can better plan for success.


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