Fundraiser: Altar of Intention

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Fundraiser: Altar of Intention

Post by dani-the-keeper69 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:30 pm

The Altar of Intention is designed after the essential movement of the universe (the Torus) and seeks to encourage participants to co-create an unprecedented quantum experience. The Torus of water becomes a tool of interaction, of purification, and of co-creation of reality, and generates a record that symbolizes the energy of all the people who will encounter it. In the process of contemplation, each person tends to emanate a positive energy of admiration and respect for that water, especially when water is present in the form of an art installation. In addition, we invoke the force of the vortex movement so that it continually replenishes the cycle in harmony with the energetic fields that give life to the universe. On Friday night, we will light a flame inside the water vortex to emanate the energy into the universe. This flame will remain on the whole night of Friday and Saturday, symbolizing the universe receiving all the positive energy deposited in that water.
Therefore, we will take samples of the water throughout the event that will be send to be photographed and analyzed by Akiko Stein, official photographer of Masaru Emoto Institute on her laboratory in Germany. The final analysis of the water molecules will serve as the “blueprint” of the energy of the Burning Man, carved in water crystals.
We invite all BURNING MAN participants to contemplate the most divine element of life and send their best intentions from their hearts. Let's create the most beautiful crystal water ever!

If someone wants to participate in this magical experience with meditations or prayers or some practice that allows a better purification of energy, you will be very welcome. Please contact us!

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