Help with eplaya

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Help with eplaya

Postby Phoenix9S » 11 years ago

I apologise in advance for posting off-topic. I do not have a feature suggestion, but the faq has no info (did I miss it?) on my questions and I am not sure what else to do!

How do you seartch for a particular user? I clicked on the Search link and tried that, but when I searched using a username, I just got a messgae that no posts or topics were found with that word.

Also- I tried sorting the members by name, but then I need to get to a nema that is in the middle of the alphabet. Do I really have to keep clicking Next to get to page 111 (or whatever)? Is there a place where I can specify a page number?

Thanks for helping this newbie.


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Chai Guy
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Postby Chai Guy » 11 years ago

If the user has ever posted before clicke "Search" at the top of screen and enter their name under "Search for Author" you should see all of the threads that they have posted in. Not the most direct route I realize but it should work.

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