Complaints about abuse of the board

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Complaints about abuse of the board

Postby precipitate » Wed Dec 03, 2003 2:18 pm

What do we, as users, do when someone seems to be abusing the board?

Do we post here, publicly, and risk feeding a troll? Do we send a PM to
the admin account (rather than one of the people we know to be on the
tech team right now, because users shouldn't be expected to keep track
of that)? Should there be some sort of anonymous complaint submission
area? Or a private complaint submission area where you can see your
posts, but not others'?

I realize that, right now, there's no agreement about what officially
constitutes abuse of the forums, and until that can be documented it's a
sticky situation for those dealing with complaints.

I'm wondering, though, if you've thought about the mechanism for taking
complaints. Personally, I'd prefer a private submission area first, and PM
second, because I believe that making complaints public is

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Postby technopatra » Mon Dec 08, 2003 2:17 am

I've been getting requests via PM and emails to eplaya@, and thought that was doing the job fine. I did just create a new forum here for policy conversations, but agree with you that folks need to be able to report abuse in a private fashion.

But the fact that you needed to ask points more to us needing to make it clear that this is the best way to contact us, and that we are open & willing to respond to that kind of feedback.

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