Time to archive 2009?

We're doing it wrong...we know
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Time to archive 2009?

Postby Token » 7 years ago

It is archived on the main page.

Can we get the 2010 forums going?

Where is Dork? Quarantined in Wellington for the 6 month rabies cycle? :)

love you Brian, mean it!

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Postby Dork » 7 years ago

I've been trying to get fired from this job for years by procrastinating but it never works.

I got kicked out of NZ last month, apparently they only let slackers stay for a year at a time. I'm in Melbourne at the moment. Feels like I'm in Texas, but everyone keeps telling me it's Melbourne and the money is all weird colors with pictures of people I don't recognize on it so I believe them.

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Postby ygmir » 7 years ago

perhaps you landed in a Monopoly game?...........

Unabashed Nordic

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