Lost Google Pixel XL phone, no case, blue tape on sides

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Lost Google Pixel XL phone, no case, blue tape on sides

Post by GiantRainbowHatGirl » Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:27 pm

Hey there! I brought my old phone to the burn to use as a camera, and had it until the very last day, watched my last sunrise on playa and that was the last picture I took...

I think I may have dropped it in the short walk from the tower where I watched the sunrise to where I was camped at 5 & D. I put blue tape over all of the holes in the phone to keep the playa out, although it is conceivable someone might have found it and took the tape off, realized it was a piece of crap phone (it doesn't make any sounds, so its not a great phone to steal) and then it was found again without the tape. Anyway I guess if you have found a first generation black google pixel XL, with or without the blue tape, let me know and we can try to figure out if its mine. I can't remember what the background was, I think either a starry night or Mt Rainier. But if its mine I'll be able to prove it through the pass code.I just want the pictures :( Thanks for reading/helping return things, whoever you are :)

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