LOST: Brown leather fanny pack.

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LOST: Brown leather fanny pack.

Post by XavyerMarvelous » Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:21 pm

Hello fellow Burners,

I lost a very special fanny pack out on the playa this year.

It's mostly made of light brown leather, with a black nylon strap.
The pack itself is what I'm most sad about losing, but it did have a swiss army knife that is also special.

The knife has my name engraved on it.. I actually can't remember exactly what form of my name though..
It's either my first name, last initial, or first initial, last name...
So either "Xavier M." or "X. Marvel."

I think it fell off me while I biked back to camp to get to bed, early one morning, not all my wits about me.
So it would have fallen somewhere between the puppet show thing ( 2 o'clock-ish, halfway from esplanade to man) and my camp (2:30 & K)

The fanny pack was a gift from my grandmother when I was about 12.
back then, it was the worst, dorkiest gift I could have received...
Years later I pulled it out a box in my parents attic and it became one of my favorite possessions.

I am desperately hoping it magically comes back to me, somehow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this... say a lil prayer for me?!?

Thanks, love you!

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