Wanted: Dulcimer player or other accompaniment

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Wanted: Dulcimer player or other accompaniment

Post by RaveLord » Tue Jul 23, 2019 1:58 am

Hey burner friends! I need help... this is probably a long shot, but I am trying to plan an epic birthday surprise for my boyfriend on the Playa This year... I planned to sing All I Want by Joni Mitchell, at an as-yet-undetermined art piece, for him. Problem is, I need someone to accompany me... and the original is played on a dulcimer :?:

As you can imagine, finding a dulcimer player who happens to also be a burner, AND happens to be attending BM this year is like trying to find a needle in a burning haystack! Alternatively, finding someone who can do a good rendition on another instrument is equally challenging.

Yes, I realize I could get a recording and pipe it through a sound system, that’s my backup plan. But a real instrument would be soo much better.

I’m posting this to a few groups in hopes of finding a backup partner for this epic little project. Any leads to bands, musicians or other avenues to search greatly appreciated! Ask your friends, campmates, everybody!

Please help me pull off a world class playa birthday miracle!

(that’s us kissing in front of MAGIC in 2016)

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